#31 – Music Makes The World Go Round – With Comedian, El Smith

On this episode of TWOIS, Ray and Jason discuss how music has changed over the generations with comedian El Smith. 

E.L. Smith is a grade-A comedian and writer that has performed all over
the country as well as overseas!
E.L. Smith has been featured in LA PARENT magazine for his amazingly funny
approach to making people laugh! He approaches the mic with a
fearless attitude that will leave audiences wanting more. The
 Laugh Factory’s 2018 fresh face winner, El was also a top ten nationwide
finalist for COZI TV (NBC) clean comedy search in 2015. E.L. Smith can be
seen and heard on Hulu, NBC, and XM Radio. 

For more information on El Smith:

@elsmithcomedy Instagram

@elsmithcomedy Twitter

@elsmith4real Facebook

#30 – Food Science With Erin AKA @FoodScienceBabe

On this episode of TWOIS,  Ray & Jason speak with food scientist, Erin AKA @FoodScienceBabe. They discuss the truth behind pesticides, Non – GMO food, and other food-related topics. 

Erin AKA The Food Science Babe has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. She has worked in the food industry for over a decade in both the conventional as well as the natural/organic sectors. Erin goes by ‘Food Science Babe’ on social media pages to clear up the myths surrounding food and to share science-based information about food and the food industry.





#27 – Ray & Jason Discuss Borderline Personality Disorder With Andrea

On this episode of TWOIS, Ray & Jason discuss the very serious topic of Mental Health and Borderline Personality Disorder with guest Andrea.

Andrea runs a mental health page on Instagram created to bring awareness to a serious mental health condition called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Andrea herself is diagnosed with BPD.

BPDmatters is there to provide information about the illness & to offer encouragement & support to others & their loved ones; you can check it out: @BPDmatters.

Since starting the page, due to the number of people reaching out, Andrea has just launched a social networking site www.BPDmatters.com which she is hoping can act & present as a support network for whoever needs it. _____________________________________________

Instagram Handle: @BPDmatters

Website: www.bpdmatters.com

#25 – Ray & Jason Talk With Poet, Shar’Rae Davis

On this Episode of TWOIS, Ray & Jason talk with Poet, Shar’Rae Davis. They discuss her work, inspiration, and the upcoming release of her book titled Words From A Heartbeat.

Shar’Rae Davis (pronounced Shar- Ray) aka Rae. Graduated from Northern Kentucky University under a basketball scholarship and currently lives in Michigan. Faith is important to Rae and she is very really close with her family (mother & brother). Especially her brother, he is her best friend. 

She began writing poetry in her sophomore year of college. However, she has always loved to create as a child whether that was with music, writing, etc. 

For more information on Rae:

Instagram @rae_terese 

#23 – Ray & Jason Talk With Comedian, Ziggy Bryson

In this episode of TWOIS, Ray & Jason talk with up and coming comedian Ziggy Bryson. Anthony “Ziggy” Bryson is a rising star in his local stand up comedy circuit. The Jersey Shore native made his comedic debut in October of 2018 and in a short time has had the opportunity to share the stage with stand up icons. At 29 years-old, he took a chance and followed his dreams. An alumni of Helium Comedy Club Academy in Philadelphia, Ziggy is now best known for his raunchy and controversial jokes. 

To Follow Ziggy:

IG: Ziggy_ITM

#22 – Ray & Jason Talk With Mike Shreddz

On this episode of TWOIS, Ray & Jason talk with Mike Shreddz. Mike was born raised Kelowna BC, he has been wrestling for 6 years and has wrestled for ASW, ECCW, Big West Wrestling, RCW, VIPW, and PPW. Mike is a cancer survivor of 10 years and has also done the Tony Condello Northen Hell Tour. Mike is also a nominated AVN and Xbiz Adult Film Entertainer.

For more information on Shreddz visit: 

IG: Therealshreddz

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