#48 – Secret Agent Man – With Andy Kay

On this episode of TWOIS, Ray and Jason talk with private investigator Andy Kay.

As one of the best in the Private Investigating business, Andy Kay is known for his versatile skills and innovative thinking in each complicated case presented to him. By mastering his craft, he has solidified himself as one of the most notable and accurate investigators in the industry.

Kay’s previous life experience has given him the ability to use his expansive knowledge and apply it to get the best result every time. He has worked for the state, task force agencies: DEA, etc, contracted for foreign governments, and cooperations all over the world: south and central America, the Caribbean, consulted for utility companies all over the country, supermarket chains, and construction companies, as well as acquiring a pilot’s license in 1987, and his PI license in 1992. In school, Andy studied criminal justice, political science, law, and engineering at both Sacramento State University and USC. Using the knowledge taken from this background, Kay is able to litigate his own cases in court, and also serve as an expert witness. Of all the court cases he has litigated himself, he has never lost, strengthening his credibility as the best in the business.

With such a broad range of experience that is widely sought after, the cases that Andy receives are always impressively fascinating. One of the most interesting cases Kay has come across was a body switch that happened at the morgue, where a lawyer friend of his came to him with a case in which a Jewish man was supposed to be buried and another man cremated and the opposite happened. With his experience in construction, he is the only private investigator with a back hoe and was able to find the body and exhume it to prove the switch and get the situation sorted. Turns out, eternity has a payout of about 6.5 million dollars.

Along with out-of-the-box cases, Kay works with a variety of claims, not limited to;

child custody, infidelity, locating asset and verification, construction fraud, fraud, criminal defense, insurance, cyber security and celebrity security, surveillance worldwide, background checks, and missing persons.

His success in all of these cases starts with his adoration for the business. Possessing a knack for PI, he became very talented at finding innovative ways to go off-book, having previously worked for the AG. He is able to travel and make connections worldwide, with each case keeping him alert and keeping life interesting. Finding new directions and interesting ways to interpret each case is his favorite part of the job and hopes to continue sharing his passion and maintaining his spotless track record in the future.

Andy has also been highly involved in rescuing both domestic and exotic wild animals, including bears, leopards, tigers, lions, and other wildlife. Having adopted one his rescues, a female leopard, Kay is a big believer in wildlife and environmental protection.

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