When NFL Bettors Need To Take The Moneyline Instead of The Spread

Accepting an underdog is very common when dogs have spreads of 3 points or more but bettors should be aware of another rewarding angle.
Last season, underdogs with a final line of lower covered the spread from 58 of 98 games, or??58.7% of the time. But the actual money was made on the moneyline as underdogs won outright in that spot 50 percent of the period (49 wins).
In case you had bet $100 on each underdog moneyline using a spread of 3 points or less last year, you would have gained $1,147.18.
See below for 2018 regular-season outcomes:
In Week 1 of this 2019 year, there were six matches with spreads that closed at 3 factors or reduced and underdogs completed 5-1 ATS along with 4-1-1 SU. For the $100 bettors, you’d be around $400.24 in profit off of the opening week.??
For Week 2, the outlines which Odds Shark is monitoring have??eight teams together with also less or spreads of three points: Vikings, 49ers, Lions, Colts, Giants, Broncos, Saints and Falcons.
After running the report in Odds Shark’s database for 3 points, it got me thinking if there’s another amount that may be profitable so the numbers ran for spreads of 6 points or less and it afforded results.
Last season, underdogs of a final line of lower or 6 covered the spread at 90 of 173 matches, or??54.5% of the time. It was profitable despite them ending with less than stellar record of 72-98-3 SU in 173 games to take every team’s moneyline in that spot. That??yielded a $572.18 gain.
See below for those 2018 outcomes:
For Week 2, you will find 11 games with spreads now in points or not. When implementing this strategy would be to have a lot of bankroll and also understand that not all dogs are created equal betting is always a long-term grind and also the 1 caveat I would always tell bettors.
Stick to the rule of three for now.

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